Working with me

As a professional virtual assistant (VA), I thrive on helping businesses streamline their systems, improve their communications, and drive their company forward without all the traditional overheads that come with employing a permanent member of staff.

My work varies from client to client. Some like to contract me on an as-and-when basis, for those time-consuming one-off projects; others prefer to hire me on a retainer, so they know they are going to get a certain amount of time from me every month to put towards their everyday business tasks. (You can learn more about my VA packages here.)

Increasingly, however, those who work with me are seeing the value in bringing me onboard as their online business manager. 


How is an online business manager different from your average VA?

An online business manager may carry out many of the tasks you would typically hand over to your virtual assistant – admin, email management, diary management, that kind of thing. However, the level of support they can provide is, in fact, much more comprehensive. 

Instead of being directed by another member of staff within your company, your online business manager will become the person everybody else turns to for direction. They will play a strategic role in managing your operations, and – as long as they have the right training and are granted the right level of access to all your systems and files – they will have the authority and the understanding to take the lead on projects that you are just too busy to co-ordinate yourself. 

Eventually, they will end up playing a far greater role in the growth of your business than you ever thought possible – and bring incredible value to your organisation as a result! 

An online business manager can help you: 

  • Set up and manage back-end systems

Are you maximising the technology you’re using within your business? Has everything been inputted into the system accurately, and are all your files, workflows and CRM databases up to date? 

If the answer is no, you will certainly benefit from hiring somebody who can help you get everything in order. And to make sure things don’t begin to slip again, you can ask your online business manager to oversee your systems on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and check for errors or inconsistencies that may begin to affect your bottom line if they’re left unaddressed.  

  • Improve your customer support processes

Your customers are, hands down, the most important part of your business – so you need to make sure you’re looking after them! Your online business manager can be tasked with making sure everyone receives the care and attention they deserve, and all queries and opportunities are followed up quickly and by the member of staff with the best-suited knowledge.  

  • Manage multiple projects

If you feel like you’re wearing too many hats (and the quality of your work is beginning to suffer because you’re being spread too thin), it’s time to bring in an online business manager who can take those project management tasks off your desk. They will be able to direct all aspects of your projects, whether that involves talking to customers, managing staff, carrying out market research or liaising with suppliers and other third parties. 

  • Look after your financial systems

Managing your financial software and updating your books can really eat into your day. It’s time you don’t have, but it’s time your online business manager will happily provide! They will quickly become your accountant’s best friend, and you and the rest of your management team will have access to more accurate financial reports and forecasts, too.   

  • Liaise with your key business partners

The great thing about hiring an online business manager is they are something of an elite VA in the sense that they are used to dealing with directors and other executive-level staff, and they are comfortable making important decisions on your behalf. You can trust them to work closely with anyone who plays a central role in the running of your business, including suppliers, service providers, and, of course, core clients. They can also manage your clients’ schedules and priorities to ensure they are maximising their diaries and everybody, yourself included, is putting their time towards the tasks and the meetings that matter the most.  

Interested in exploring the many other benefits of instructing an online business manager instead of a VA? Book a free 30 minute consultation with me today, and let’s chat! You can pick your preferred time and date here